26 May 2017

another market day

I've been busy making pigs this week for a mini installation at my exhibition in August...

this little guy is now waiting for my next bisque firing..

And I'll be at the Ramsgate Farmers  Market tomorrow, Saturday 27 May 2017 from 8am to 2pm... hoping that these find new homes to go to...

20 May 2017

#SaturdayShelfie - 20 May - Work in progress

Things are coming along for my exhibition with a bisque firing this week of several pigs and a sculpture...

I now have my thinking hat on as to how to glaze this one...

The image here only shows half the kiln as I want to keep the work as a surprise for those visiting the exhibition..

Have a great weekend

10 May 2017

Save the Date

Dear Friends

In August I will be sharing an exhibition with my good friend Thea Bourne.  Thea makes wonderful images using oil pastels.

Check out her past works here: https://www.absolutearts.com/portfolios/t/theabourne/

We will be sharing space at the Hornsby Art Society building called Wallarobba Arts and Cultural Centre.  It is a historic building and will allow us both to display our exhibition works in style.

I am beginning to get excited about it...
We are listed on their Upcoming Exhibitions page: http://www.hornsby.nsw.gov.au/my-lifestyle/arts-and-culture/wallarobba-arts-and-cultural-centre-project/previous-exhibitions-at-wallarobba-arts-and-cultural-centre2

The show will be open to the public from 22 August to 3 September and we will be having a Meet the Artists afternoon on Sunday 27 August.

Hope to see you there...

"Fracked"  hand formed and wheel thrown base.  Reduction firing.

03 May 2017

Art Show this weekend

this weekend from Thursday to Sunday I will have some pots on display at the Shire Creativity exhibition at the Cronulla Sharks Leagues Club in Woolooware.

see details here:  https://www.nationaltrust.org.au/ahf_event/the-continuum-art-society-inc-national-trust-heritage-exhibition-2017/

It is part of the Heritage Festival and includes paintings, pottery and other crafts.

I have a few new pieces for the show...

Wheelthrown and altered porcelain

Wheelthrown and altered stoneware oval vessel.

28 April 2017

a few more sales

yesterday I took part in a stall held by the Port Hacking Potters Group at the local hospital.
We donate to the hospital and they supply the tables in the foyer while we supply the table cloths and shelves etc.

The sales are not great at the moment as there are building works going on and there is only a drop-off point near the foyer, no actual parking so most people enter via the back door which is closer to a parking area.

Still, we all sold some pots and one of our members gained a commission for more of her wacky mugs which are decorated to look like cars.

Amongst the ones I sold was this little tealight holder.  The person buying them bought several other pieces from the stall, all of them green!

26 April 2017

Successful Auction

the art auction I took part in was very successful with almost 60 pieces of art donated and $5232 raised for the country town of Murwillumbah NSW.

The winning bidder for my piece should be receiving the bowl in the post this week.

Thanks to all who took part and especially to those who made a bid for my bowl.

15 April 2017

Art Auction 22 April 2017

Wheel thrown and altered porcelain bowl with tissue print decoration, clear glaze. Fired to stoneware. H. 3.7cm W. 15cm - suitable for keeping your jewellery or for sweets or snacks.

I posted a photo of this small bowl on Facebook and Instagram and people seemed to like it so I have decided to donate it to a charity auction.  The auction is being run online by potters but there will be all sorts of art works available.

If you think you might like to own this bowl or another art work and help the victims of recent flooding in the NSW North Coast town of Murwillumbah then please Like the Facebook page and join in the bidding next weekend. Saturday 22 April 2017.

Here is the link to the Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/ArtAuctiontoAssistMurwillumbahFloodAppeal/?fref=nf

So I'm hoping to see the back of my bowl after the auction (a little joke there)

The postage within Australia is free.

Please support this wonderful event.  One of the organisers grew up in the area but now lives in Qld and I have a link to the area too as one of my aunts lived near there for many years and I have a pottery Facebook friend in the area too.

08 April 2017

#SaturdayShelfie - 8 April

Over on the Facebook group, Anna's Aussie Ceramics, we have a thing going where members post a pic of something of their own work - this is my contribution today.

The bowl is wheel thrown using Porcelain Paperclay then altered while still on the wheel.  The decoration is on leather hard clay before the bisque firing.  A clear glaze and then fired to Cone 10 or around 1280 degrees Celsius.

Enjoy your Saturday wherever you are today.

04 April 2017

Retail selection

From time to time I have some pots available at a small home design boutique in a nearby suburb.

I called by today with some new pots and was pleased to find I had had a sale.

These pourers and the vase  are now available at Fred & Co if you know someone looking for a gift.

Wheel thrown stoneware - blue hyacinth glaze
Wheel thrown and altered porcelain with clear glaze.

27 March 2017

Successful Bisque - now to glaze

I have discovered a very useful product - ceramic paper.  It is a very thin (1mm) form of ceramic fibre.  I am going to use it to cover my kiln shelves when I fire all the tiny pieces for my mini installation.  Most suppliers have it.  I bought mine from Blackwattle Pottery Supplies and they rate theirs to 1400C but Keane Ceramics have one rated to 1260C. Here is a link to their illustration of the product: Here

Naturally take precautions when handling it.. I put on gloves and a mask when cutting it to size for my shelves.

I used it even though I do have kiln wash on my shelves to protect them... its just that what I am firing will stain the shelves and with so many to fire it is worth the cost of the ceramic paper to give that extra protection.

 These heart shapes dishes have now been decorated and are in the glaze firing I turned on this morning.  Fingers crossed.

The shop that stocks my pots, Fred and Co has a theme of black and white but on occasion will stock some blue so I'm hoping the owner likes these little pouring jars.

the wet weather has fined up at last though the state of Queensland could be in for a cyclone this week.  Sometimes the cyclone becomes a rain event and travels down south to us.. I hope it relieves some of the drought areas up north and gives us a miss.

The bricks outside my studio are growing moss. It usually only grows at the end of winter but again with all the rain the moss is sprouting.

Our palm trees have loved the rain and are flowering ...

I'll let you know next week how the bowls fire. Fingers crossed.